Dual Toe Post Sandals of Anahuac

The Mazatli Athletic Huarache Sandal was an idea that came to me 2 years ago while hiking around some trails on my single toe post sandals (single toe post/thong sandals after a while they begin to hurt).

I simply wondered, "Why can't I hike comfortably wearing my favorite sandals?" Looking for inspiration, I turned to my knowledge about the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Toltecs, the Zapotecas, the Mixteca, etc... who built entire civilizations wearing these special type of sandals.

I made my first prototype out of cardboard and that's when I knew that this idea would work.

I then created a more functional and aesthetic design so that it fits comfortably and performs well on both trails and sidewalks. I refined the engineering a bit more and there it was, the Anahuac Sport Huarache Sandal.