"Double Toe Posts Cactlis... Over time, you'll develop plenty of tolerance between your toes to make these comfortable and more functional than any hiking/running shoe out there"

Mazatli Proprietory Double Toe Post Technology

A unique geometry that offers the optimal double toe post placement with comfort and safety in mind. 2 Toe Posts are better than one, Mazatli Cactlis. Patent #1166519 awarded Nov. 20, 2018

Based on the Indigenous Footwear of Ancient Mexico, Anahuac.

Lord Xochitpilli wearing the Double Toe Post Cactlis of Anahuac. Prince of Flowers, Mexica Culture.

Vibram ® MegaGrip Outsoles

Vibram Megagrip is the high performance rubber compound that offers unparalleled grip properties on both dry and wet terrains. Extremely durable, it is the perfect solution to face long distances, and your favourite outdoor activities – from trekking to hiking, from trail running to mountain biking – as athletes or nature

Size Chart

Unisex. True to size. Order usual size. If your a size 9 order a size 9, a size 10.5 order a size 10.5 etc.

Male 9 is a Female 10.

Mazatli Footwear

Bringing Back Double-Toe Post Cactlis of Anahuac!

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Learn more about the Anahuac Double Toe-Post Technology.

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