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Mazatli Footwear

Mazatli "Ulama" Mesoamerican Ballgame Cactlis with Toe Bumper and Sidewall

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Handcrafted Cactlis, Made in East Los, California.

We make our Cactlis at our workshop in East Los Angeles, California using California sourced materials for quality, comfort and longevity.

Mazatli Yaotl Ulama Cactlis Specs

  • Double-Toe-Posts: These cactlis utilize the Double-Toe-Post*  strapping technology of Anahuac. *Patented
  • Unique Lacing System: Double-Toe-Posts
  • Midsole: Flat 5mm.
  • Outsoles: Walkbase
  • Insoles: 100% Real Veg-Tan Leather

Triple Bartack with L-Hook System

Locks in the vertical strap for a secure fit that won't fail.

Size 9 Pair: Weight: 7.9oz and Height: 8mm

The result is a very light-weight sole with great ground feel that makes Mazatli Yaotl Cactlis barefoot really amazing and comfortable.

True to Size. Order Usual Size

If your a size 9/9.5 order a size 9, a size 10/10.5 order a size 10 etc. Unisex: Male Size 8/ Female Size 9





Cactli: n. sandal; shoe.

Yaotl: n. warrior; soldier.

Anahuac: n. place of waters; mesoamerica.

Ulli: n. rubber.

Vibram: Each Vibram(r) product is designed for a particular use and engineered to meet three objectives: performance, comfort and durability. Vibram performance lies in the combination of an innovative, functional design and selected material compounds.

Built for the most demanding environments and activities, Vibram solid soles are designed for maximum grip, durability and traction.

Insole: The insole is attached to the lasting margin of the upper, which is the top layer of sole construction. Typically leather or other soft material.

Midsole: Provides cushioning and shock impact. Typically Ethylvinyl Acetate (EVA).

Outsole: The outsole is the layer in direct contact with the ground. It may comprise of a single piece often of different materials. Typically rubber or a rubber derivative. Note; primary documents detail Tlatoani Moctezuma wore Cactlis with rubber outsoles. The first ever documented use of footwear with rubber.